Co-Founder, CFO

Nanjing University, China —

Financial Management

Before joining DragonFly, Ms. Zhang has spent the previous 3 years as APAC Business Manager and Executive Assistant to the Managing Director for a global semiconductor logistics and construction company.

In addition to assisting the Managing Director in daily operations, scheduling, coordinating and communicating among department heads, she is also responsible for setting up, delivering and growing the capabilities and financial performance of the company’s new business units.

This includes the integration and policy planning of strategy, solutions, assets, human capital, external resources, financial forecasting and budgeting, banking, legal and tax advisory – assuring decision makers that they are heading in the right direction.

Ms. Zhang is a sharp and calm pioneer. She has more than 8 years of client experience working for Big 4 Accounting firms and International NGOs. She has lead transfer pricing, international investment and business solutions for multiple Asian entities

in a variety of markets, as well as leadership, emotional intelligence and personal growth training for multicultural teams in different countries.

She excels at looking past the surface and through complex situations with unique insights and perspectives, building up trustworthy relationships, and developing and integrating appropriate internal and external resources.