The idea

for DragonFly Semiconductor Solutions (DragonFly) was born when Mr. Will Sultemeier saw glaring gaps in the Semiconductor Industry of the Asia-Pacific region.

Cutting edge semiconductor solutions

With over 25 years of experience managing semiconductor fab construction and operations all over the world, contacts within the industry would constantly reach out to Mr. Sultemeier for assistance in providing solutions for their pain points in the region. After successfully completing a few projects, and with an increasing demand for support, the decision was made to assemble a core team of dedicated experts to launch DragonFly full time.

With our experience, we understand that carrying out projects in different countries might need a completely different approach and method to enable the project to operate smoothly. Therefore, the core members of DragonFly, coming from different cultural backgrounds such as the USA, China, Canada, Russia, and Taiwan can provide your company the best approach in different locations.

For semiconductor companies looking for solutions in fab construction, management, or operations, DragonFly offers a wide range of the most comprehensive and expert options available – each creating a positive customer experience, which will add value and increase business efficiency. Utilizing its expert knowledge base, DragonFly sets itself apart from other semiconductor service companies with its best in class customer experience, unmatched business efficiency and operational excellence.


Let DragonFly empower your organization.